Yoga doesn’t end when we step off the mat, the practice is only complete when we start to incorporate our learnings into our everyday life. Each asana can be understood as a situation in life and every single transition from one pose to the next can be seen as a moment of change.
Yoga simply shows us over and over again that we can choose how we want to go through any situation, especially the tough ones. Are we going to breathe or not? Are we going to surrender or fight? Are we going to face the challenge or hide? Are we going to trust or fear? Are we going to connect with the divine or shrink back into our egos?


Hatha Vinyasa

The word Hatha can be translated as ‘willful’, ‘forceful’ or the yoga of activity, observing what’s happening within when you hold a pose. Vinyasa, on the other hand, is the practice that brings movement and breathing together. Our combination of Hatha and Vinyasa classes usually involve a set of physical postures, breathing techniques and flows, practiced more slowly and with more static postures aiming at aligning, observing, feeling and thus listening to body, mind and spirit to open our channels and heart.

Bhakti yoga

Often also called yoga of love, Bhakti means devotion. The practice is one of the four main yogic paths to enlightenment that unites the practitioner with the divine and can be mainly achieved through service. We believe that - as with everything else in life - service is something that has to be found and established in yourself first before it can be expanded to others. That’s why we usually start with the focus on ourselves when learning how to serve and giving love during our yoga asana practice. This helps us find in our hearts what we are really good at in order to give it to the world as a service.


The tradition of Taoism, as it is applied in martial arts and Tai Chi, is woven into our yoga practice. It gives us a powerful tool to connect with energy flows beyond the six spinal chakras and tap into the energy from the earth and the elements through the chakras in our hands and feet, experiencing connectedness and unity with the universe.


We perceive asanas (postures) as a deep cleansing practice. They help us getting to know our bodies and purify them in order to connect to ourselves by connecting to the whole. We do this by becoming aware of our pranic cord antakarana as our main channel. Once this channel is cleansed, we are able to listen, receive messages and embody our life purpose.

"I arrived here and immediately felt like family. Vikara team truly made the experience so easy & enjoyable, the teachers are informed & patient as you learn, the food was AMAZING. Cannot wait to come back!"

Chelsea, USA


Some surfers believe that since the ocean was the place where life began on this planet, the act of riding a waves allows the surfer to reconnect with this living memory, the divine nature within. Surfing takes great patience, stamina, and mindful presence. It is another way of communing with Mother Earth's elements, and some even consider it a moving meditation. In this sense, it can be a very spiritual experience- it can be medicine for the soul.

We offer Surf and Yoga Retreats, as well as private surf lessons during our Plant Medicine retreats. Our amazing surf instructors will help you gain confidence in the water and riding the waves right in front of the retreat center.



At Vikara we see surfing as a way to connect to the present moment and embrace all of the gifts of mother nature. The feeling of catching a good wave is euphoric. You feel like a kid again, filled with the pride of accomplishment and pure joy.


Olón has some of the best beach breaks in the country, and there are also great point breaks spots nearby. All of these surfing options work with various swell exposures, as well as wind and tide conditions. This, combined with seasonal changes in surfing conditions in Olón area, make up for an amazing year-round surfing region.


"Our yoga and surf retreat at Vikara was an indescribable experience! The community, the stunning location just steps from the ocean, the yoga, the delicious home-cooked meals...we could go on!"


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