This is a retreat center that promotes transformational programs for people from all over the world. Our specialty is in creating the right environment to allow people to connect between mind and body and ultimately find a connection to themselves. We use tools such as yoga/ mediation and plant medicine ceremonies, to explore and realize opportunities for transformation.

The center is designed to help people who are already awakening to the reality that life is not just about survival, career building, status, finances, and responsibilities.

We invite you to join a wonderful team of dedicated people to serve other people from around the world who are looking for inner transformation and you can be part of that change. Our philosophy is to reconnect to our source, follow the heart, and become a loving, humble, happy citizen of mother earth, Pacha Mama.


Photographer and videographer

Right now we are looking for someone to join our team in December 2020 who has professional skills as videographer and photographer. We want someone to capture the essence of our retreat and the retreat center in a captivating and creative way. Please send us at least 2 examples of your work if you would like to be considered for this position.

In exchange, you would get accommodation, participate in some of the activities, access to surfboards, and one meal a day.

Conditions will be negotiated on an individual base.

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