Create Your Own Retreat Package

Year-Round Availability

Come to Vikara to experience total transformation. Our retreats are all about connection, calming the mind, feeling amazing in your body, and tapping into your divine spirit within. With the create-your-own package option, you choose the dates and what activities or services you want to include and we will give you a custom quote for your needs.

In your retreat, we begin by transforming by treating our bodies with high-vibe culinary delights, indulging in deep relaxation practices, participating in strategic transformation workshops that give you tools to grow,  practicing yoga, mindfulness, and meditation, and revitalizing your energy and confidence by surfing the beginner friendly waves of Olon. We can also include private Plant Medicine ceremonies. 

After your total transformation retreat, you will feel lighter and have more inner freedom and clarity; you will feel more confident and empowered to step into your true purpose. And the best part is that you can take your magical experiences and transformational tools with you so you can spread more love back into the world.

Contact us for a custom quote!

What's Included

Prices begin at $90/night for luxury beachfront king suites and breakfast.

Additional services to create your package include:

Yoga classes

Surf lessons or board rentals

Swedish Massage

Thai Massage

Energy Healing

Sound Healing

Delicious and healthy lunches and dinners according to your dietary preferences

Sweat Lodge (Temazcal) Ceremony for rebirth and purification

Plant Medicine Ceremonies

Integration circles for processing after ceremonies

Sample Daily Schedule

08:00 Yoga class

09:30 Breakfast

11:00 Free time

13:30 Lunch

15:00 Surf lesson

18:30 Sunset meditation

19:30 Dinner

This is just a sample daily schedule, subject to daily changes depending on the retreat program and your chosen add-on activities.

Why is this Retreat Transformational?

Our retreats are thoughtfully designed to be a truly holistic mind-body-spirit transformational experience. Through nutrition, yoga, surfing, community, idyllic setting, and doing strategic inner reflection and mindfulness, we evolve into our best selves.

Food as Medicine

As Hippocrates said, “let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”  During retreat, we view our bodies as gifts and show our gratitude by fueling them with only the highest vibration foods. Fresh fruit and veggies highlight every meal, balanced with lean proteins, healthy fats, and  nutritious grains. While we don’t subscribe to a particular dietary regimen, we do take care to eliminate processed and highly inflammatory foods, such as sugar, most dairy, red meat and pork, some oils, and alcohol. Instead, we nourish our bodies with healthy, mainly plant-based, culinary art. We  are happy to accommodate you if you have special dietary requirement(s) as well.


The Power of Connection

One of our core philosophies at Vikara is that community is medicine. The power of connecting to like-minded people is vastly undervalued, which is why we highlight this throughout our retreat. By the end of your experience here, you will have made lifelong friendships, feel supported, understood, and heard. Your retreat group and the staff become like family.


Movement as Medicine

At Vikara we honor our bodies and celebrate physical movement as a healing practice. Throughout the retreat, we have a daily yoga practice to tune in to your body.  We also offer surf lessons and encourage everyone to get into the water, regardless of your surfing experience. This is not only for physical health reasons, but also because surfing is a way to practice mindfulness, overcome fears, and push yourself out of your comfort zone, which is where true growth occurs. We also have optional add-on services like physical training, boxing, acro yoga, dancing, and more, so you can get the energy flowing, build strength and confidence, and feel amazing in your body.


The Magic of Vikara

The setting of Vikara is a crucial aspect of your transformational experience while here on retreat. Our brand new, luxurious retreat center and the amazing staff help you feel like royalty on the beach in paradise. You can truly relax and enjoy yourself as we take care of everything to make your experience remarkable. Let the stress of your daily life fade out of your body, as you receive the gifts of the universe that await you, and enjoy this holistic wellness rejuvenation.


When you Leave Vikara

You will feel rejuvenated, inspired, energized, and ready to embrace your metamorphosis.

You will have many resources to take home and new tools to help you on your healing journey.

You will be clear on what you want and how to manifest it and will have guidance on how to integrate sustainable lifestyle changes to get where you want to be.

You will feel lighter and cleaner in your body, more fit and confident in your skin.

You will have a life-changing experience under your belt and many amazing memories to fuel your next chapter.

You will have more clarity of your purpose, increased self-awareness, a better sense of your path and direction.

You will have lifelong bonds and friendships with your new Vikara family.

You will receive a gift of a 10% discount on your next retreat at Vikara.


"Our yoga and surf retreat at Vikara was an indescribable experience.
We would recommend Vikara to anyone in a heartbeat."


Be the best version of yourself