Private Ayahuasca Retreat


A Personalized Experience

This offering is customized for those who desire to work in a private, one-on-one setting, having the retreat designed to fit their needs.
It can also be offered to families or friends who prefer a more private setting.
During this retreat, we will be able to focus on your intention and create a safe space for you to work on yourself and connect with the medicines.
Please understand that this retreat requires focused attention and your willingness to heal and work on yourself. It will be intensive and transformational, as long as you are willing to dedicate yourself to the process.

What's Included

Airport Transportation

Airport transportation on arrival and departure


5 Nights upscale, ocean front private accommodation

Plant Medicine

2 Private Ayahuasca  Ceremonies

Sweat Lodge

1 Temazcal Sweat-lodge ceremony


Therapies and healing sessions to support your intention


Calls with our team

Introduction call and preparation session prior to arrival and integration session with an integration coach


Yoga and breathwork classes


All Meals are included

Lifetime Discount

Lifetime 10% discount on return visit to Vikara

Preparing for your Private Ayahuasca Retreat

The plant medicine works best if you have a clear intention going into ceremony. The more clear your intention, the better chance you get clarity and the answers you are seeking. During our initial interview, we will coach you on intention setting if you request assistance.

In order to prepare your body for plant medicine, we recommend a cleansing diet at least a week to two weeks in advance. This diet excludes red meat, pork, caffeine fermented foods, alcohol, refined sugar, excessive salt and spicy foods.

All guests must avoid alcohol and recreational drugs before attending our retreat (minimum 2 weeks).
We cannot accept guests who within 3 weeks of the retreat are actively on SSRIs and MAO Inhibitor medications

Combining these medications with Ayahuasca can induce serotonin syndrome that can lead to severe reactions. Please do not stop taking prescribed medications (including antidepressants) without consulting your doctor.

Before booking a retreat, it is important that we have full disclosure of all medications/drugs and the length of time any guest/volunteer has been taking them. We also need full disclosure of any serious mental health issues or history of psychosis.

Please avoide crouded spaces and high intense enrgy like clubs, big concerts, amusements parks etc... Its good to spend time with yourself serrounded by nature and places of tranquilty and peacfulness before attending the retreat.

Please advise us on any irregular heart condition or chronic high blood pressure.

Please contact us if you have any concerns or/and questions. We will make sure to discuss all details and preparations prior to your retreat.

Your private Ayahuasca Retreat

Year round availability

Private Single Room

starts at 4890$
  • We can arrange private retreats for a minimum 6 days and we can go as long as you need
  • Private groups or families will get a special quote
  • Please send us an email describing your intention for this retreat and we will set up a video call to discuss your requirment

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