9 Day Healing Retreat with Ayahuasca


April 20th - 28th 2024

May 11th - 19th 2024

June 8th - 16th 20024

July 20th -28th 2024

August 15th -25th 2024

Your Ayahuasca & Healing retreats

Embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery, and self improvement through discovering the wisdom of ancient plant medicine and connecting with the spirit of nature and the profound potential within you.

We utilize Ayahuasca, alongside a range of holistic therapies, to facilitate a process of detoxification, harmonization, and personal growth.

Throughout this 9-day experience, you'll cultivate meaningful connections with your fellow participants, fostering a supportive and enriching community. This is more than just a retreat; it's a catalyst for lasting transformation and a renewed sense of purpose.

What can you expect:

We offer a dynamic array of therapeutic and activity options to support your journey before and after your ayahuasca ceremonies. Each retreat features a unique and enriching experience.

If you're curious about the specific offerings for your intended retreat dates, we encourage you to reach out during your scheduled interview. We'll be happy to discuss the current itinerary and address any further questions you may have.

Airport Transportation

Transportation from GYE Airport to Vikara.


8 Nights in a private, upscale, ocean front room with garden view.  Comfortable bedding & linens.  A/C & WiFi.

Family Constellation

Family Constellation therapy for the group.  A highly effective approach that delves into the dynamics of one's family system, enabling individuals to gain a deeper understanding of themselves and their relationships.

Plant Medicine

3 Plant Medicine Ceremonies.


Sweat Lodge

Temazcal (Sweat-Lodge) ceremonies & sharing the medicine of Rapé.


Yoga classes throughout the retreat designed to integrate breath-work and movement as another form of medicine to support your transformation.

Sharing Circles

Integration and sharing circles.  One after each ceremony.


Bio-enrgetic movement to loosen hidden muscular tension and relieve accumulated stress in the body. Benefits include: reduced stress, insomnia, anxiety, chronic muscular tension & enhanced emotional expression and feelings of happiness.

Plant Medicine

Flower of Bach Remedies:

Healing plant tinctures that are customized upon your arrival to support your intention with the vibrational power of flowers.

Sharing Circles

Sound Bath:

An immersive experience of healing with vibration and sound that supports relaxation and letting go of stress & anxiety.

Plant Medicine

Tobacco Purge:

Tobacco is considered  a master plant and the main curing tool of Andean healers. Drinking liquid Tobacco is among its medicinal uses as this induces a purge that cleanses the stomach lining and promotes healing on a physical, mental & spiritual level.



Delicious meals daily following a special diet that is nourishing while detoxing.

Water and tea and fresh fruits at all times.

Calls with our team

Personal call with facilitators before arrival for introduction and intention setting.

Lifetime Discount

Delicious meals daily following a special diet that is nourishing while detoxing.

Water and tea and fresh fruits at all times.

Personal call with facilitators before arrival for introduction and intention setting.

Lifetime 10% discount on return visit to Vikara.

Lifetime 10% discount on return visit to Vikara.

Sample Daily Schedule

This short itinerary is a sample to give you a sense of what the days will look like. Please note this is not reflective of the full 9 days, and your retreat schedule may differ.


Arrival day

All guests are expected to arrive on the starting date, and are encouraged to arrive by 2 PM. 


2:00PM - Opening Circle - Introductions and Retreat Overview


4:00PM - Family Constellations 


7:30 PM - Dinner 

8:30 AM - Breakfast

9:30 AM - Family Constellations

12 PM - 1 PM - Free Time 

1:00 PM - Lunch

2:00PM - Pre- Ceremony Talk 

4:00PM - Yoga 

9:00 PM - 1st Plant Medicine Ceremony

9:00AM - Breakfast

10:00AM - 1:00 PM - Free Time 

1:00PM - Lunch 

5:00PM - Integration Circle 

7:30 PM - Dinner 

7:00 AM - Tobacco Purge

10:00 AM - Breakfast

11:00 AM - 1 PM - Free Time

1:00PM - Lunch

4:00PM - Yoga

9:00 PM - 2nd Plant Medicine Ceremony 

8:30AM - Breakfast

10:00AM - 1:00 PM - Free Time

1:00PM - Lunch

5:00 PM - Integration Circle 

7:30 PM - Dinner

There are many other activities and services we can add to your package. When you book, simply let us know what you'd like to add, or we can usually arrange these services or activities when you arrive. 

Boxing Lessons
Massage Therapy 
Dynamic Physical Training
Horseback Riding (2-3 hours)
Isla de la Plata excursion (full day)
Sound Healing Therapy
Surf Lessons
Private Yoga Lessons 

Spanish lessons

Preparing for your Ayahuasca & Healing Retreats

The plant medicine works best if you have a clear intention going into ceremony. The more clear your intention, the better chance you get clarity and the answers you are seeking. During our initial interview, we will coach you on intention setting if you request assistance.

In order to prepare your body for plant medicine, we recommend a cleansing diet at least a week to two weeks in advance. This diet excludes red meat, pork, caffeine, fermented foods, alcohol, refined sugar, excessive salt and spicy foods.

All guests must avoid alcohol and recreational drugs before attending our retreat (minimum 2 weeks).
We cannot accept guests who within 3 weeks of the retreat are actively on SSRIs and MAO Inhibitor medications

Combining these medications with Ayahuasca can induce serotonin syndrome that can lead to severe reactions. Please do not stop taking prescribed medications (including antidepressants) without consulting your doctor.

Before booking a retreat, it is important that we have full disclosure of all medications/drugs and the length of time any guest/volunteer has been taking them. We also need full disclosure of any serious mental health issues or history of psychosis.

Please avoide crouded spaces and high intense enrgy like clubs, big concerts, amusements parks etc... Its good to spend time with yourself serrounded by nature and places of tranquilty and peacfulness before attending the retreat.

Please advise us on any irregular heart condition or chronic high blood pressure.

Please contact us if you have any concerns or/and questions. We will make sure to discuss all details and preparations prior to your retreat.

Upcoming Dates:

April 20th -28th 2024
May 11th - 19th 2024
June 8th - 16th 2024
July 20th -28th 2024
August 15th -25th 2024

Private Single Room

  • King size bed with private bathroom, AC, and walking closet
  • All rooms are with garden view

Private Double Room

  • King size or two twin beds with private bathroom,AC and walking closet
  • All rooms with garden view

Receive a 5% discount when booking up to 2 months before the retreat begins.

Please note the following fees for the 30% deposit payment via:

Zelle 0%
Paypal 4%
Bank transfer 4%

Balance can be paid in cash upon arrival with no fee.