Vikara Transformation Retreats

9-Day Ayahuasca Retreat

About this Retreat

In this retreat, we use sacred plant medicine  Ayahuasca to help you connect with the spirit of the universe and the wisdom within in order to bring peace, love, and clarity to your life. Our 9-day retreat is held every month, and features two Ayahuasca ceremonies, one San Pedro ceremony, and a Temazcal (Sweat Lodge) ceremony. We include a mindful yoga practice throughout the retreat that integrates breathwork and movement as another form of medicine to support your transformation. You’ll also have the opportunity to swim in the ocean, learn to surf, witness epic sunsets, go horseback riding, connect with your retreat cohort who becomes like family, and enjoy nutritional, high vibration meals. This retreat is a holistic experience that is truly life-changing.


Healing from emotional wounds, trauma, PTSD, anxiety, depression, or addictions
Spiritual growth and evolution
Greater awareness of your blockages so you can finally release them and feel more self-love
Clarity of the truth of the Universe and your purpose in it
New perspectives to get yourself out of old patterns and habits
A deeply fulfilling connection to something greater than yourself
Inner peace and more joy in life

"I couldn’t have dreamt of a better experience. I felt protected and listened before, during and after the ceremony. This Ayahusca retreat has been the most powerful & enlightening experience I’ve had to live."

Amelia, FRANCE

Vikara - Yoga, Surf Ayahuasca & Plant Medicine, Temazcal. Retreat Center in Ecuador

What's Included



  • 8 nights upscale, oceanfront private accommodations.
  • Personal call with facilitators before arrival for introduction and intention setting.
  • Family constellation therapy for the entire group.
  • Purge and detox plants.
  • The medicine of Rapé.
  • 3 Plant Medicine Ceremonies
  • 3 Temazcal/ Sweat-lodge ceremonies.
  • Yoga classes designed especially for this program, incorporating movement and breathwork as medicine
  • Daily delicious meals and a special diet for detoxing
  • Integration and Sharing circles with Shamans and facilitators after the ceremonies and between breaks
  • Water and tea and fresh fruits at all times
  • Airport Transportation on arrival
  • Lifetime 10% discount on return visits to Vikara

Additional costs: credit card fee, bank trafnsefr fees, airfare to Ecuador, extra activities. .

$2590 Private Single Room
$3900 Private Double Room (for couples or two friends sharing)

*Costa Rica Retreat will have a different price please contact for more info


You will receive a 10% discount when booking up to 2 months before the retreat begins.


Upcoming Retreat dates for 2022

February 12-20
March 19-27
April 23- 1st May
May 14-22
July 1-9 (In Costa Rica)
August 1-10
November 12-20
December 14-22







Sample Daily Schedule

This short itinerary is a sample of what we will be doing in this retreat. Please note that the schedule might change during the retreat.

Day 1  Arrival day

All guests are expected to arrive on the starting date. Check in is between 11:00am -5:00pm. If private transportation is needed we will be coordinating post arrival and would let guests know when they can be picked from the airport. We will try to put some of you together in the same transport if possible

6:00pm introduction to the retreat and FAQ

8:00pm Dinner

Day 2 

7:00am       Tobacco Purge

10:00 am     Breakfast

1:30pm       Lunch

4:00pm       Temazcal/ Sweat Lodge opening Ceremony

8:00pm        Dinner

Day 3   

8:00am       Breakfast

10:00am     Yoga class

12:30am     Lunch and pre ceremony conversation

10:00pm     First Ayahuasca ceremony (in the Maloka)

Day 4   

9am-11am    Breakfast Buffet

1:30pm         Lunch

4:00pm         Integration circle

5:00pm         Temazcal

8:00pm         Dinner

Day 5   

8:00am       Breakfast

10:00am     Yoga class

12:30am     Lunch and pre ceremony conversation

10:00pm     Second Ayahuasca ceremony (in the Maloka)


Healthy nutritious meals

During our Plant Medicine retreats, food is considered medicine as well. As Hippocrates said, "let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food." We use only fresh and locally sourced ingredients, and our menu during the retreat is designed to provide great-tasting meals that are delicious, wholesome, nutritious, and well balanced.

With the chef’s flair in design and knowledge in healing foods, you can expect your plate to look like art, even while delivering amazing taste and nutritional value.

Post retreat, your body will feel cleaner and healthier than ever.

We are also happy to accommodate your dietary requirement(s) if needed.

What Else to Expect

Safety and wellbeing are our main priorities at Vikara. We are passionate about creating an environment where you feel comfortable, safe, and supported through the entire process.

Facilitators and Medicine People
We only work with experienced medicine people and facilitators that have trained for years with plant medicines. Our compassionate and well-trained healers share their teachings, healings, songs, capabilities with integrity and honor. We work with bilingual Shamans, and ceremonies are conducted in English.

Ou, facilitator and team are all here to prepare and guide you through the process. We offer consultations  facilitator before and after the Ayahuasca experience to discuss questions and share your experience. We are also available for post-retreat consultations via Skype.
Throughout the retreat, we offer several opportunities for integration and sharing in order to process your experience in a safe and comfortable way. Both our Shamans as well as retreat facilitators are here for you to support you through your experience and transform your insights from the medicine into actionable steps.

Group size
Our ceremonies are limited to a maximum of 10 participants in order to make sure that the Shaman can take care of everyone individually during the ceremony. This creates a very unique and personalized atmosphere, which separates us from other retreat centers, who work with much larger groups.



Preparing for your Retreat

Setting your Intention
The plant medicine works best if you have a clear intention going into ceremony. The more clear your intention, the better chance you get clarity and the answers you are seeking. During our initial interview, we will coach you on intention setting if you request assistance.

In order to prepare your body for plant medicine, we recommend a cleansing diet at least a week to two weeks in advance. This diet excludes red meat, pork, caffeine, onion and garlic, acidic fruits, fermented foods, alcohol, refined sugar, excessive salt and spicy foods.
Alcohol, recreational drugs, and antidepressants
All guests must avoid alcohol and recreational drugs before attending our retreat (minimum 2 weeks).
We cannot accept guests who within 3 weeks of the retreat are actively on SSRIs and MAO Inhibitor medications( i.e. Wellbutrin, Prozac, Zoloft, Effexor etc). Combining these medications with Ayahuasca can induce serotonin syndrome that can lead to severe reactions. Please do not stop taking prescribed medications (including antidepressants) without consulting your doctor.
Before booking a retreat, it is important that we have full disclosure of all medications/drugs and the length of time any guest/volunteer has been taking them. We also need full disclosure of any serious mental health issues or history of psychosis.
Please avoide crouded spaces and high intense enrgy like clubs, big concerts, amusements parks etc... Its good to spend time with yourself serrounded by nature and places of tranquilty and peacfulness before attending the retreat.
Heart Conditions
Please advise us on any irregular heart condition or chronic high blood pressure.


Please contact us if you have any concerns or/and questions.
We will make sure to discuss all details and preparations prior to your retreat.

" If you have been looking into other retreats, save yourself the time, they have it all right here. I look forward to returning one day."

Shannon & Keena, USA

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