About Plant Medicine Retreats

One-of-a-kind, transformational experiences with the powerful and sacred plant medicines

Ayahuasca ceremony at Vikara, Healing Retreat Center in Ecuador

Plant Medicine Retreats at Vikara

We offer one-of-a-kind, transformational plant medicine retreats at the beach in Olon. Featuring the powerful and sacred plant medicines Ayahuasca (from the Amazon jungle), San Pedro (Huachuma from the Andes Mountains), Mushrooms, Tobacco and Rapé, our 9-day retreats are designed to help those who seek healing, clarity, inner wisdom, and connection.

Vikara is the only plant medicine retreat center right on the beach in Ecuador. The healing properties of the ocean - combined with your intention, the transformative powers of the fire and the medicines - offer profound healing and a life-changing experience.

We work with incredibly skilled medicine people who have decades of experience in the healing arts and plant medicine ceremonies. Unlike many other retreat centers, we keep our groups very small in order to facilitate a personalized experience and to ensure the safety of all of our guests.

Healing Ceremonies

The plant medicines we use - Ayahuasca, San Pedro,  Mushrooms, Tobacco and Rapé - have been a central aspect of human evolution and spiritual growth as far as human history dates back. The indigenous Amazonian tribes consider these plants to have spirits and those spirits to be a source of great power and healing. These master teacher plants help you on your journey towards more awareness, clarity, healing, and self-love.

In our ceremonies, we work with the light of the fire, the spirit of Mother Ocean, the master teacher plants, and the wisdom of our hearts. This powerful combination is what leads to healing and transformation on many levels.

Everyone’s journey with these medicines is different, and because our groups are small, the facilitators and medicine people can provide special attention to all members during the ceremonies. This creates an environment where you feel comfortable, safe, and supported through the entire experience. After the ceremonies, we have an integration circle, where you have the opportunity to process your experience with the medicine people.

Our Medicine People

Medicine people are those who have learned from indigneous tribes and worked on themselves through their own healing in order to achieve the ability to guide others through the journey of the medicine. After years of experience and embedding other therapeutic practices into their own life, medicine people are given the blessings of the grandfathers to work and share this medicine with others. Medicine people are respectful of the healing processes of the individuals they work with and honor this role. To learn more about our medicine people, please go to "Our Tribe."

Vikara shaman - Ayahuasca Retreat in South America