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At Vikara, we facilitate personalized journeys of transformation in a supportive community setting.
We specialize in Plant Medicine, Surf, and Yoga retreats. Don’t see a package that’s exactly what you’re looking for?
Please contact us if you’d like to create a customized retreat experience.

We offer one-of-a-kind, transformational Ayahuasca retreats at the beach in Olón. Featuring the powerful and sacred plant medicines, Ayahuasca and San Pedro, our 9-day retreats are designed to help those who seek healing, clarity, inner wisdom, and connection. (Offered year-round)

Stay at Vikara for a transformational and revitalizing retreat experience, surfing, practicing yoga, sharing community, workshops, meditation, amazing food, and feeling the magic of the beach in Olon. Choose your own length of stay and activities, private luxury king suites included.

Join us for a life-changing experience