Our luxury hotel

A hidden gem on the beach in Olón, Ecuador

Luxury hotel

Join the Vikara experience in our luxury accommodations just steps away from the stunning beach of Olon, Ecuador. Surrounding a lush garden and large swimming pool are 9 ocean-front suites, each tastefully designed to be tranquil yet cozy. Whether you are looking for a family-friendly weekend away or seeking time to relax and rejuvenate, your time at Vikara will be unforgettable.

Vikara - beach front suits Luxury Hotel in Ecuador, South America


Massages - At Vikara we offer various types of massages: Swedish massage, Nuad Bu Ranrn, massages with acupuncture and suction massage. We work with certified massage therapists that are professional in what they do.

Reiki is a japanese form of energy healing through which a universal energy is being transferred through the palms of the hands of the practitioner to the patient in order to encourage emotional or physical healing.

Family constellation - When we are born we inherit not only physical or physiological characteristics of our ancestors, we also inherit all the information of their experiences, we inherit their consciousness and energies. When an ancestor transcends to another plane without having resolved their pains or traumas, these pass as information and energy to balance in their descendants.

Temazcal or sweat lodge is a ceremony that focuses on purifying and healing the physical body, mind and spirit of the participants. It resembles the process of birth in the womb of our mother, and using vapor, songs and prayers we are able to release blocked energies and reborn into a good life full of joy and peace.

Private Ayahuasca ceremonies are designed for those who cannot a ord to come to the entire retreat.

Our activities

While staying at Vikara you get active in your body and mind and engage in a ray of activities that will add to your trip great experiences.. All of our activities are suitable for all levels and for all ages. All of our skillful teachers are dedicated to your successful engagement and fun in the activity.

Surfing - Yoga - Jiu Jitsu (off site) - Functional training (off site) - Boxing - Scuba Diving - Trip to Isla de la Plata - Sport Fishing

Relax, we've got you