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  • Daily morning and evening class (Sunday is a rest day)
  • 4 Amazing surf classes with special attention
  • Beginner Acro yoga session (only Saturday)
  • Daily delicious and fresh breakfast and lunch from locally sourced produce
  • Fresh fruits/snacks, coffee, and tea
  • Full body massage (1 hour)
  • 7 nights accommodation
  • Horseback riding excursion.
  • 10% discount on your next retreat 

Next Retreat:

Christmas Retreat: 22nd- 29th December

New Years Special: 30th -7th January


Shared double room  - $980

Private single room - $1250

Private double room- 1750

  • Skype/whatsapp call before arrival for introduction and intention setting.
  • Arrival day and check in.
  • Opening and closing ceremony.
  • 3 Plant Medicine Ceremonies (small groups of up to 10).
  • Yoga classes with special preparation.
  • Sharing circles
  • 3 delicious meals a day from locally sourced produce following a Plant Medicine diet.
  • Our Shamans will attend breakfast with you after the ceremonies and we are available to discuss your experiences.
  • Fresh fruits/snacks, water, and tea.
  • 8 nights of private accommodation (beachfront, ocean view, private bathroom, A/C).
  • A calm and relaxing environment for you to experience your transformation, with support and guidance.
  • Lifetime 10% discount on return visits to Vikara.

Shared room  -  - $1290

Private room -  - $1790

Next Retreat :

12th - 20th January   (Only 5 spaces left)

9th-17th February 

  • 24 nights accommodation (beachfront location)
  • Breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  • Daily asana practice
  • All classes and YTT activities (see program)
  • Printed course manual
  • 200 Yoga Alliance Certification upon completion of course
  • 2 surf lessons
  • Kirtan
  • Skype consultation before arrival for an intention setting and introduction
  • Special gift

From July 20th to August 11th

Shared room  - $2890

Private room  -  - $3350

*Limited space

*Free massage when booking before Febuary

Please contact Vikara if you need to change the amount of days you wish to stay with us.
We are also flexible and willing to customize our retreat program according to the customer needs. Please contact us for more information.

Our drop in classes & activities

  • Yoga lessons are Monday to Friday at 9:30am. 
  • Drop-in class  10$
  • Monthly pass Unlimited 110$

Plant Medicine  Ceremony  200$


Private Surf class at 25$

Lovely people, good food, awesome place

I had a great time at Vikara, Olón is a nice place to stay. Nali is a great cook, the food was amazing!! Yoga with Elba was life changing, she is such a lovely person. Roey was always helpful and a lot of fun. There are a lot of things to do besides the wonderful yoga class every day. Surfing was awesome and if you want to explore a little more, I’d Recommend a trip to the isla de la plata. Montañita is Right next to Olón, if you want to party or go for a sting or do a little shopping. I would definitely recommend to stay at vikara, even if you travel alone, you will make friends in no time!


Amazing place ! Yoga, Massage, ayahuasca and awesome Food

My girlfriend and i did the 10 day ayhuasca Retreat at the Vikara Center.
It was just a magical time. It was the first time ever that I did ayahuasca and I am very happy that i came to this place to do it. The shaman is just amazing!
And than there is the yoga lessons 🙂 I did yoga before i came the the center already, but doing yoga with Elba the yoga teacher is a completely different Ball game.  She is such a nice person, i already miss her. I think she is only 29 but she has the wisdom of a grandmother.
She knows so many things and was always very helpful.
Nali is "the mother" of the Vikara Center. She cooks the food. It was more than delicious and always looked like artwork.
If you need someone to talk to, she will always be there for you.
Roey is the owner of the Vikara Center. He is a absolutely nice guy. He always makes you feel as you are part of the Family. I hope to stay in touch with and see him soon again. And of course I may not forget about the massage. The lady who does it lives in a paradise. Her property makes you feel as you are deep in the jungle. Her massages are so nice that you dont want her to stop 😀
I wished I could be still in Ecuador with these nice people. It is really difficult to find such friendly and openminded people in Europe. So if you are looking for a place that might be able to make you happy, this is definitely one of them.


Fantastic Surf & Yoga Retreat

I didn't have a lot of practice in yoga before coming to the retreat and was pleasantly surprised by how much I learnt during my stay there. Elba is an excellent yoga teacher and made me feel comfortable and capable and she inspired me to keep on practicing yoga in Sweden.
The owner and surf trainer Roey had a lot of patience and was very helpful with teaching me how to surf, despite my fear of water. Nali the chef cooked the most delicious food - I was in heaven and I never wanted to leave. Julie gave the best massages, which was very much needed after all the yoga and surf training.
Such a great team!

Olon is a fantastic and cozy little village and everyone there is very welcoming and helpful. I will absolutely be back.
I would highly recommend this retreat!


A loving family away from home

When I think about my experience with Vikara, the first word that comes to mind is Family.
I stayed with Vikara for an extended period of time and it was such an experience. Roey, Nali, and Elba (core team) are such a fun and dynamic team. They love what they do and pour that love into every activity. Nali's meals are delicious and meal time with the crew reminded me of Sunday dinners back at home with my family. Elba's yoga classes are nothing short of incredible. As a certified personal trainer and yoga instructor myself, I was incredibly pleased and impressed with Elba's depth of knowledge - from functional anatomy to yoga philosophy, Elba was able to guide each individual wherever they needed to go. The small class sizes were amazing as we were able to get individualized attention and interact in a way that is not practical for a larger group - I'd come back just for another yoga class! Roey is at the helm making sure everyone's experience is well coordinated and tailored towards what the individual wants and needs. He has a passion for igniting transformation in others and brings all of the right people and resources to the table to make that happen.
Oh and btw, try the plant medicine ceremonies! I did a temezcal ceremony that was incredible 🙂

I've had the opportunity to work with other wellness retreats (i.e. surf + yoga retreats, transformational retreats) - they were great, but to me, just provided services (surf lessons, massage, yoga class, etc.) By pouring love into the services, Vikara takes it to the next level. I would highly recommend for a traveler looking for a relaxing, familial experience in a beautiful location. I will be back!


Thank you for this experience

Olon has captured my hearth for many different reasons.  Roey and the members of the Vikara-team created friendly and welcoming environment on this retreat, that I immediately felt like a member of this fabulous Vikara family! 
Olon gorgeous beach is one of the largest of the coast of Ecuador and is often empty and peaceful. The waves are rolling and gentle, so you have the perfect conditions for learning how to surf. David, our great teacher is always pushing you forward with his good advices and motivation. 
There are many different ways, how to enjoy the beach and connect yourself with the ocean. Horseback riding on the beach, long way along the beach, providing acro yoga on the beach, or even enjoying your coctail and the incredible views could be a highlight of your day in Olon.
Don’t forget to take a trip to Isla de la Plata. Here you can meet all the ocean animals like humpback whales, dolphins and green turtles and on the island there are plenty of blue footed boobies and frigate birds. 

Elba is the best yoga teacher I've ever met. She puts in every single yoga class a big piece of her hearth! 
The massage therapist is a wonderful person! After a massage therapy with her I felt gratitude deep inside my hearts for a long time.
And last but not least I'd like to thank Nali, our great cook! We were nourished individually, she cooked for us very healthy and colorful food. She showed me, how to prepare a delicious Venezuelan food arepas! If you‘re looking for relaxation, surf, fun, energizing yoga, healthy food, massage and beautiful people, than this.


Looking for transformation? You found the right place!

Vikara found me and changed me forever.
I recently experienced this amazing retreat via their "Yoga, Meditation and Ancient Healing Medicines" 10 days retreat in Olón, Ecuador.
Everything offered here is deeply spiritual.
Elba's 2 hour daily yoga is very simply bliss. She brings a calming spirit and deep knowledge of the yoga practice that binds the mind and the spirit together and leaves each, stronger, more flexible, and balanced than before. Roey has a vision for this little retreat that I believe is destined to become iconic.

The scale is small. Maximum participants in the retreat experience is limited to ten people at a time. The price is a bargain but the process and products they deliver are priceless. The food is prepared by Nali. The best way to describe Nali's cooking is that it taste like love. I believe its because she puts so much love into her meals that we taste it. Vikara Lifestyle has partners providing massages, ceremonial medicines, surfing sessions, excursions, and much more.

In my case, I was looking for healing and vision. The ancient medicine ceremonies they made available to me were the perfect vehicles for finding both. Conducted by a husband and wife team of dedicated , well trained, and thoroughly experienced Native American Medicine Man and his wife.
These beautiful ceremonies are focused on spiritual healing and create a protected space for the healing to occur.
Where can one seek and obtain a vision of their life and the path of their journey forward?
Right here. If you are reading these words, you are already being pulled to your transformation in Olón, Ecuador, courtesy of Vikara Lifestyle.