A spiritual path with one and unique mission; the healing of the nation and returning to ancestral wisdom. 

There lies an ancient prophecy in the North and South American cultures, which says that when the Eagle from the North and the Condor from the South meet and fly together, humanity will reign in peace and a new world will be born.  

The embodiment of this prophecy is the legacy of the Itzatchilatan family, most known as the Sacred Fire of Itzatchilatlan (SFI) or “Camino Rojo,” recognizing water, earth, fire, and wind as their primary life force and origin.

The movement was founded in Mexico at the beginnings of 1990 by Aurelio Diaz Tekpankalli and Alfonso Perez Tenoch. 

They bring into fusion the spiritual teachings of Lakota, Mexican, Toltec, Andean, and Amazon traditions, putting together practices, concepts, and attitudes that bring significant healing and well-being for the ones who emerge into it. 

The participants are men and women in search of spiritual realization, healing, and expansion of consciousness.

These families get together in different locations where they hold ceremonies and rituals guided by a leader that holds a moral and ritual responsibility. 

You can find one of the main families in Ecuador, where they constantly receive people from different countries. 

Within the most important practices, there is Temazcal (sweatlodge) as a purification ritual, sacred plants (Peyote, San pedro,Magic  Mushrooms and Ayahuasca) ceremonies for healing, and Vision Quest; a practice of retreating into the mountain for several days fasting and connecting with oneself to receive visions and answers from nature and the ancestors. 

Their Philosophy. 

Connection with the Great Spirit is the main key that drives all their actions because the Spirit is who we are and together, we are one with Spirit, becoming a path of trust and devotion to the mystery of life that permeates in all things. 

“If we bow before the infinite Mystery of being, the infinite mystery of being bows before us. ” – Aurelio Diaz.

In the Red Path, there exists no religion, all religions are welcome.

The goal is to bring back the essence of the old traditions that support the connection with nature, and in that way, we can know the truth of our existence and growth spiritually for a more fulfilled and connected life. 

The Itzatchilatlan family are considered to be all children of Mother Earth and Father Sun, and together they claim back the ancestral wisdom and unite all the people in peace and harmony with all beings and plants, where each one has their own purpose in the world, to raise the vibration of the planet and heal all our relations. 

Entering to a New Era.

Living in a modern world saturated of Judgments and Conditioning that invokes competition and separation, we have been disconnected from the wisdom of nature and from our inner nature which is our spirit that is no different from our surroundings, this leads to big inner and outer conflicts ending up living a life with no purpose more than survival. 

The Sacred Fire is about creating and remembering the truth that we are all related, and that we all come from the same origin and end. 

With this purpose, the Itzatchilatlan family is growing every year with more people in search of the truth and the meaning of life. 

The leaders have a special role in guiding people on their own quest with nourishing knowledge from the north and south ancestral tribes that bring us back with the wisdom of nature and the origin of life. 

Written by Vera Lucia Zamora