Vikara Mission - Yoga, Surf Ayahuasca & Plant Medicine, Temazcal. Retreat Center in Ecuador

Our Mission

Come to Vikara to experience true inner transformation. At our beautiful retreat and wellness center on the beach of Olon, you will find tranquility, balance, and the joy of connection and community. Our mission is to help you find the inner peace you are seeking by treating your body with high-vibe culinary delights, relaxing in the hammocks or by the pool, reviving your spiritual practices of yoga and meditation, and connecting to nature with surfing and horseback riding. Come here to heal, to rejuvenate, to connect mind, body, and spirit,  to find your true nature and tune into your inner wisdom. When you leave, our goal is to help you feel lighter and have more clarity, and to help empower you to take your magical experiences and transformational tools with you so you can spread more love back into the world.


Transformational Plant Medicine Retreats

Let nature be your teacher at Vikara’s Plant Medicine Retreats. We work with experienced shamans and master plants to help you on your spiritual journey towards expanding consciousness and shedding light upon aspects of the self we are ready to transform.  We reconnect with the great spirit and the elements in order to bring peace, love, integrity and joy to our lives. Our retreats feature yoga, surfing, connection with nature, community, and nutritional meals. We keep our groups small, and offer many opportunities for integration, processing, and sharing. We are passionate about creating an environment where you feel comfortable, safe, and supported through the entire process of self-discovery and transformation.



What emotions can you feel?

I felt awe, surprised, amazement, did not expect this, there is order and attention to detail. Trees, flowers, art, spaces. You cannot see it all but you can feel it. You feel already just by entering that you have come to a safe place, ready to begin a mystical journey. I feel this place embraces nature, a lot of elements from different parts of the world come together here. But the nature is the key thing. Feel peace, tranquility, happy to be here. Calmness.


Our mission as a team:

To emanate love, tranquility, serenity, trust, beauty, creativity


People we are trying to attract:

Many ages, from 30+, from all walks of life, in a search. Seeking. Searching for something deeper. Some are hurt, wounded, or at a juncture, looking for clarity, some are creative and spiritual and want to be in a community of likeminded people. Some want an interesting experience.


While here:

Some were doing art, some were talking, laughing, some were resting in hammocks, participating in spiritual activities, yoga, sharing, learning from one another.


When they left :

More clear and clean and happy, higher vibrational frequency. Our mission is to give them tools for transformation but it is up to them to implement. How to breathe, be in present moment, enjoy nature, connect with bodies, connect with higher self.

Meditation, yoga, surfing, plant medicine, Temazcal.


We encourage transformation because:

Our world needs people to change and transform, because there is too much hostility, fear, mainstream media is full of fear and violence and egotism, so if we continue to live the way that we do, we will dig our own graves. People are waking up to alternative realities and get out of the matrix, being a slave to a hidden agenda of powerful people, and once you are awake then you try constantly to connect with the truth or what it means to be a human being. Its a complexity that we are always in search of. So this place attracts souls who are awake or awakening and in this search. We may not have the answers, but we are also souls who seek, so there is an exchange of energy that we all grow from.

One of the healing aspects of being here is not worrying about anything. It is a program designed for you not to worry about anything. So with no worries, you are left with only yourself, so you have more time to go deeper into your self, to reflect, to meditate, to seek your inner wisdom. This by itself is healing. Making the conscious decision to want this space, and then we take care of everything else.

A place to recharge, rejuvenate, feel like royalty.

Each person has its own capacity of healing. Its  a magical mirror that you get as much out of the journey as you want.

We all operate from our egos which are unhealthy patterns of beliefs and thoughts and cultural and familial programming and here at Vikara we offer vehicles to graduate from your ego to your higher self by using plant medicine yoga meditation community we start bringing conscious awareness to our patterns and thoughts and beliefs and in doing so we are then empowered by choice of how we want to be and who we want to be and in this choice we are evolving into higher self where we can operate from a place of love instead of fear

Cultivating community give us that point of connection realizing the divine nature of all us which is that feeling we all yern for.

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