1 Ayahuasca Ceremony
1 Sanpedro Ceremony
Guided meditation and bio Programing
Yoga Classes with a focus on preparation and integration for ceremonies
3 meals following the Ayahusca diet
Beachfront Accommodation in a Luxury Resort in Olon
Consultation with Shaman and facilitator before and after ceremonies
Integration circles
2 Sweatlodge ceremonies
Preparation before arrival via Phone

Vikaralifestyle offers a onetime special edition Ayahuasca and Sanpedro Retreat for Expats who are living in Ecuador. This retreat will be held in Olon in our beautiful new beachfront center with a modern and luxury style.

We have been hearing the call from many people who are seeking transformation in these interesting times, and we decided to offer this unique experience.

This Retreat is aimed at people who are seeking transformation and are willing to invest their time and energy in their process of healing and aligning with their higher self.
Vikara is the only Plant Medicine retreat center right on the beach in Olon, Ecuador. The healing properties of the ocean, combined with your intention, the transformative powers of the fire, and the medicines, offer profound healing and life-changing experience.


Santiago Ayala, a wise, humble, and sincere medicine man from Ecuador (Vilcabamba) to share his knowledge, prayers and medicine (Ayahuasca and Sanpedro). In addition, we will have yoga classes with Elba Camejo, a life long yogini who channels her wisdom direct from the divine to her classes and will guide on your total transformation, and last but not least we will have a guided meditation and bio programming evening (healing of the feminine& masculine energies) with Maria Hurtado (Ardass Charan Kaur), who works intuitively with the present energy of the group and the elements.
All meals will be cooked by our inhouse chef Hansi who will prepare delicious and fresh meals every day, so you don't need to worry about going out 🙂

Your Investment:

Private single room $1290
Private double room $2190
Shared Room $990