The Tribe



Founder & Owner of Vikara

Roey has always been interested in exploring the mysteries of life and the spirit, seeking meaning and purpose in the unconventional, and pursuing the calling of the heart. He started traveling at a young age and was inspired specifically by his travels in Portugal and living in alternative communities in the US. On a soul-searching bicycle trip around South America in his late twenties, he stumbled upon Ecuador and started working with movement and healing the physical body through surfing and yoga. He then started exploring the magic of plant medicine for his own self-healing journey and had a life-changing, transformative experience.

Roey created Vikara as a container for people to experience the fullness of life through moving, breathing, surfing, sitting in ceremonies, and connecting to nature and community.



Co-Founder and Medicine Woman

Iris is a medicine woman and a healer who works hard to support her prime intention of awakening the human consciousness and opening the heart to healing. She began her healing journey at a very young age and have learned from many teachers, traditions, and religions. Iris have traveled and lived with many ancestral and indigenous communities in South America, and learned their traditional ways of working with the different plants and medicines. She works the design of the four branches of ancient medicine: The phytotherapy which means working with medicinal plants, The evolutive nutrition, The healing of the physical body through  traditional massages and energy work, and the branch of the emotional and psychological work.


Matias & Fer

Medicine People

Matias has been studying and performing Ayahuasca and San Pedro ceremonies for over a decade under the tutelage of many medicine men. As a powerful husband and wife team, Matias and Fer conduct beautiful healing ceremonies with the sacred plants. They are especially known for their harmonic vocals that fill the ceremony space all night long. They truly work from a place of humility and heart centeredness. It is their life's work to be in service and help people heal and transform.



Gardener and Maintenance



Surf Instructor


David arrived in Ecuador in 2016. He was travelling in South America looking for waves and adventures with no plans to stay. Life decided otherwise. David began surfing when he was 5 years old, with his father, in Venezuela. He has been teaching surf in the last 5 years around the world: Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Mexico, Peru, Panama, and now Ecuador. David loves sharing his passion for the ocean and the secrets it holds. He is very patient, calm, and enthusiastic when it comes to teaching surfing.


The ocean is everything for me and I love sharing this way of living with other like-minded people.