About Us

Come with us to experience the fullness of life through movement and connection with nature

About Vikara

From the moment you arrive you will be serrounded by natural beauty, tranquility, and everything you need to slow down and relax. We created Vikara because we are passionate about holding space for you. Whether that means laughting ans surfing, or seeking self-growth and transformation, we believe you deserve the power of being present in this moment.

This authentic little Ecuadorian paradise is the perfect place to set out on an adventure of self-discovery.  Olón offers you warm weather all year long, breathtaking sunsets, abundant nature, interesting culture, and a quiet environment.

The entire team will welcome you into Vikara with open arms and open hearts. The vision of Vikara is expressed in the design of the rooms, the planting of the trees and flowers, the planning of the retreats. Each detail is given attention to transfer the Vikara energy to you. We invite you to let go of your daily worries and stress here, and instead indulge in self-care and rejuvination.


Live a conscious life

Hello! We are Roey and Iris and together we run Vikara. We are a medicine family with the focus to live a conscious life with integrity, peace and loving relationships with all of our surrounding.

Healing to us is a daily practice. We are not perfect and we deal every day with our own shadows to try to bring more light into this world. and create a better environment  for our three beautiful children. We are not religious but very spiritual and we work with the plants as a media for healing.

We also try to provide a unique experience to all the guests that come only to stay in the hotel by opening our house to them and make them feel like at home.

Create your own retreat

If none of our retreats work for your schedule and you'd like to create your own getaway, let us know! We rent our suites out in between retreats for nightly guests. Breakfast is included, and optional add-on services are available, such as surf lessons, physical training, massages, catered meals, trip planning, and  lots more. Simply let us know what you are interested in when you book with  us. You can contact us directly to arrange your stay or use the link below to book with Booking.com.

Ayahuasca & Healing Retreat in South America

Your way to transformation

Our community is guided by principles of honesty, integrity and mutual respect. Everyone is welcome at Vikara and everyone becomes part of our community. We are also consciously aware that we are part of a local community and bear a responsibility towards Olón. We work with local businesses and support local initiatives to make sure that we can grow mutually in a healthy ecosystem.


Exploration & Joy
Not only the exploration of a new country and environment, but also an exploration of your inner world and heart. Vikara is a place where you will be challenged, but it is also the place where you can just let go of all expectations, rules and patterns. Be yourself, be light-hearted, enjoy great food and company, laugh, and just recharge for your next adventure in life!


Connection & Love
Most of us spend our entire lives working towards true self-love. At Vikara, we work to build your capacity to give and receive unconditional love. We accomplish this in our dedicated transformational retreats, and also by creating a space that nurtures love through communal meals, meaningful conversations and a yoga practice that seeks to reconnect us with our hearts.


Through a deep Yoga practice, ancestral plant-based medicine, the magical nature around, and our warm community, we offer tools to return to your true roots, reconnecting to the child within you and thus allowing for the healing process to continue.

We love what we do