Vikara - Healing Retreats & Ayahuasca, Beachfront Hotel in Ecuador

Healing retreats

& Beachfront Suits

Our retreats

At Vikara, we facilitate personalized journeys of transformation and healing retreats  in a supportive community setting. Vikara is the only plant medicine retreat center right on the beach in Ecuador.
We specialize in Ayahuasca, Surf and Yoga retreats. You can also host your own retreat at our center or create a customized private package.

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Luxury hotel

We offer 9 luxury accommodations on a beachfront location. From the moment you arrive you will be surrounded by natural beauty, tranquility, and everything you need to slow down and relax. Here in Olon you will find an authentic and quaint seaside village off the beaten path, with the perfect balance of nature, people and culture.