Vikara - Healing Retreats & Ayahuasca, Beachfront Hotel in Ecuador

Healing retreat

& Beachfront Suites

Our Vision

Vikara, meaning "transformation" in Sanskrit, is a retreat centre built with love to empower individuals to connect with their true selves and discover their own  way to healing, serving and living their full potential. 

At Vikara, we have a holistic approach towards healing and well-being, combining Plant Medicine ceremonies such as Ayahuasca and other master plants with integrational and somatic therapies and healing rituals. We leverage our collective expertise in various healing traditions and modalities to create powerful and sustainable healing experiences.




Safe Ayahuasca Retreats & Small Groups

Your safety and well-being are paramount at our Ayahuasca & Healing Retreats. We foster a supportive environment with intimate groups of no more than 10 participants, allowing our experienced facilitators to offer personalized attention and prioritize your complete well-being throughout your transformative journey.

Where Comofort and Nature meet each other

The retreat center boasts modern and comfortable accommodations and a stunning beachfront location in Ecuador, appealing to those seeking a unique and beautiful setting. From the moment you arrive, you will be surrounded by nature, tranquillity, and everything you need to slow down and relax. Here in Olon, you will find an authentic and quaint seaside village off the beaten path, with the perfect balance of nature, people and culture.