Our Retreats

Whether you are seeking transformation, tapping into your creative energy, or finding a more intimate connection with nature in a tranquil setting, a stay with Vikara Lifestyle will enable all that and more. 

Whether you want to surf along Ecuador’s fantastic coast, advance your personal yoga practice, bike in the mountains or simply enjoy a walk along the beach at sunset, we will create an itinerary that is best suited to you. By understanding your specific needs and tailoring your retreat to them, we ensure your retreat will fully capture the transformation you are seeking.

 Although physical activities are important for the body, we at Vikaralifestyle understands the importance of the mind. Therefore, many activities will be focused on further establishing a mind-body connection.

With a focus on community, you will feel at home within the comfortable atmosphere of it’s private accommodation, whilst enjoying the opportunity to meet other interesting and like minded people who are also on their own path for self empowerment and transformation.


Treat yourself to inner healing. It’s a practice, and yours can start right here.



All our retreats include three gourmet meals.

We believe that food is life and vital to our wellbeing. We like to find the balance between eating healthy, without compromising the pleasure.

We buy fresh and locally sourced ingredients and build a creative and colorful menu for you everyday. This ensures you get the right amount of energy throughout your daily activities that also tastes delicious. 

Its always difficult to maintain your best intentions when you return to everyday life. If you would like to take some cooking skills back home with you by learning how to cook your own healthy and delicious meals, we offer you the opportunity to learn from our team of professionals, so you too will be able to create your own exciting menus.



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