About Us

“Life is too short to not put the same amount of energy into living our best life that we put into doing all the things that detract from our everydaty lives”


Whether you are seeking transformation, tapping into your creative energy, or finding a more intimate connection with nature in a tranquil setting, a stay with Vikara Lifestyle will provide all that and more.

Vikaralifestyle offers personalized venues for yoga teachers and individuals who want to embark on a yoga retreat. Use our team, experience, and tools to create the perfect retreat for you and your students. Our specialty is to personalize the retreats for our clients wether they are teachers coming with groups or individual joining existing retreats.


Our Vision

Vikara Lifestyle was founded with the vision of helping to bring about change within our community, which supports healthy living and is pro-life, encompassing the natural world, the environment, ecological building and sustainable agriculture, whilst supporting the local economy and promoting personal growth.

Our philosophy is built on the assumption that in order to live a healthy and fulfilling life we have to look at all aspects of our life and to understand that they are all interconnected and that we, as human beings, are also all interconnected.

Our dream is to create a space where people from all over the world can come together to explore and research what it means to live healthily in harmony with the natural world.

To further this vision, we would like to open our space to others who share similar or complimentary philosophies that can contribute & promote better living. Often, too many people focus on a single aspect for improvement, overlooking the benefits available across a wide range of abilities.

We hope that this will become a place where people can express themselves authentically and creatively. In our vision we imagine an inviting and warm space where people can exchange ideas and thoughts that touch on all aspects of life. It could be a place where scientific, medical, poetical, philosophical and religious ideals can all come together.


Nature gives us so much and in return we would like to give back by building natural spaces, which focus on organic permaculture and other alternative and sustainable ways of agriculture. We imagine fruit trees and flowers, herb and vegetable gardens with a focus on native plantings.


Education is an integral part of our vision.

We provide surfing and yoga as our primary activities, though we also offer cooking lessons and hope in time to be able to give back to the local community by providing educational opportunities and workshops and thus assuring development and progress into the future.

We want to give back to our community and you can help us.

Donations can be financial, but don’t need to be. If you possess some of the knowledge or experience we descibed above and want to join us to help build our vision, please contact us to find out how.

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